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Autumn 2021 Gel Revolution Crisnail


Catalog number: CP1007-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


The set includes 5 colors : 175 Pink Innocenza / 170 Pink Los Angeles / 169 Red Richelieu / 172 Light Blue Monday / 171 Light Cafe

Crisnail, professional and innovative brand of international renown specialized in hand and nail care, presents its UV/LED Gel Nail polish. Explore the new era of long-lasting nail coloring with GEL REVOLUTION.

  • Applies like a classic nail polish while providing the durability of UV Gel.
  • Its superior durability will provide about 21 days of wear and makes it the perfect ally for the most demanding women.
  • Soak-off formula which can be removed in a few minutes.
  • Does not crack and chipped.
  • No more long drying times.