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Catalog number: AO1903-1un use: Home care

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Aqua Vital Detox Trio for dehydrated skin, asphyxic, normal mixed, dull complexion or for all skin types seeking benefits of three-dimensional hydration thanks to the new and complex active ingredient 3D Hydra APS. What’s more, it has been enriched with Celldetox®, an active substance that helps flush out toxins that have built up under the skin, enhancing the overall beauty effect.

  • 3D-Aqua Vital Serum [HA+] 30ml – Maximum dose of Celldetox® for cell detoxification and innovative three-dimensional hydration to create a unique source of moisture that keeps skin looking healthy and radiant.
  • 3D-Aqua Vital Cream [HA+] 50ml – The most advanced cream that nourishes the skin from within cells to the outermost layers. Get bright, healthy and lively-looking skin.
  • 3D Aqua Vital Vidalys Mask 20ml – Emulsified mask with refreshing and decongestant gel texture. Lightenes the dull complexion, smoothes the skin texture, moisturizes and detoxifies the skin deeply.


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