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Belfeet Starter kit


Catalog number: BP1001-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


Belfeet was developed several years ago by reputable podiatrists in Europe and is now recognized and used worldwide in over a hundred countries by thousands of foot care professionals. Choose Belfeet and treat yourself to the performance of the forces of nature. The starter kit will allow you to perform several professional treatments and meet the different needs of your customers by offering them home care products.

This set includes 17 home care products and 10 professional products:

  • 25x BelSpa 10gr effervescent footbath tablets
  • Belpeel 200ml exfoliating without rinsing
  • Belmasque 200ml
  • Tea tree oil 150ml mycosis
  • Tea tree oil display box 6x15ml mycosis
  • 1x 100ml & 1x 500ml Belcream poor circulation
  • 1x 100ml & 1x 500ml Coolbel cool effect poor circulation
  • 1x 100ml & 1x 500ml Harpagobel muscle joint pain
  • 1x 100ml & 1x 500ml Belhemp dryness
  • 2x 100ml & 1x 500ml Urebalm callosity
  • 2x 100ml & 1x 500ml Transbalm perspiration odor
  • 3x Repairing Balm 50ml
  • 1 display for home care products and different promotional items


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