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Bronze Film wax for men in beads


Format: 500gr

Catalog number: DC2103-500gr use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


The Bronze wax has been specially designed for the removal of stronger, keratinized, male hair. Although, its excellent properties that leave the skin silky and smooth make it suitable for female waxing too. It contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs, ginseng to revitalise and repair, and ricin and sunflower oil to hydrate and soothe the skin.

It takes an average time to dry and is suitable for all areas of the body. Extra Film Bronze is also available in beads, which melt faster and are perfect for using only the desired amount.

Its main active ingredients:
• Salicylic Acid: Gives the wax antiseptic properties, preventing the pores from becoming infected following treatment and reducing the appearance of folliculitis. It also gently exfoliates.
• Ginseng Oil: Revitalises and repairs the skin. Has tonic and restorative properties. It is an antioxidant that invigorates and revitalises. It leaves the skin smoother, brighter and more elastic. It has a distinct nourishing effect on the skin.

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