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Callus Softener Remover Shea and Vetiver

Cuccio Naturalé

Format: 4oz (118ml), 16oz (472ml)

SKU: N/A use: Home care, Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


This product makes it much easier to remove and exfoliate calluses on the feet. Its thick texture allows safer use since it does not flow, it stays where it is applied and only acts in that area. It contains papain, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA – keratolytic enzyme) extracted from papaya, which removes dead cells without having to make circular movements.

Apply a good amount of emollient to the calluses to be removed, apply gauze and leave to act for a few minutes. Remove the excess with gauze or water and exfoliate the calluses.

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4oz (118ml), 16oz (472ml)