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Depilève BARBEPIL Waxing Kit


Catalog number: DB1001-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


BARBEPIL from Depilève distributed by Aesthe Source in Canada is the 1st complete system created for men’s face waxing. This concept is a fresh and exciting way to groom men’s facial hair, for a sharp finish that guarantees customers always leave your salon looking and feeling their very best. Barbepil is also the easiest and cleanest way of quickly removing your facial hair, with hardly any pain, respecting your skin to the max and using products especially designed for you.

This starting set will allow you to perform hair removal of the eyebrows, the beard line, the cheeks, the outside of the ears, the edge of the nostrils

  • 1 Barbepil Depilève black 400gr wax warmer
  • 50 Barbepil Depilève 400gr collar rings
  • 1 wax-can holder
  • 1 white pencil liner
  • 1 Depilève protective cape
  • 1 Depilève black duffle bag
  • 1 Beard shaper
  • 50 ear guards
  • 1 pre-depilatory Skin Prep Barbepil 220ml
  • 1 serum Foliclear Barbepil 125ml
  • 3 Folibeard Barbepil 75ml
  • 1 box of 6x10ml Folisan Man Barbepil
  • 1 post-depilatory Skin Protect SPF 15 125ml
  • 1 surface cleaner Easy Clean 220ml
  • 1 film wax Barbepil 400gr
  • 1 film wax Barbepil in pearls 500gr
  • 1 ergonomic Depilève tweezer
  • 100 spatulas precision Depilève
  • 1 Depilève hand miror