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DUO DNA Tightening repairing anti-ageing

Anesi Lab

Suggested retail price: 158.00$

Catalog number: AJ1906-1un use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


DUO DNA Tightening repairing anti-ageing high-tech anti-ageing treatment duo that works at the very heart of the cell. Stimulates in-depth renewal, provides a tightening effect, smooths fine lines & wrinkles and reshapes the contours of the face.

  • Dermo Tenz Serum 30ml – A new-generation cosmetic product that combines the immediate effect of botox lifting with the care of a deep anti-aging treatment that firms, reshapes the oval of the face and smoothes wrinkles.
  • DNA Cronologie cream 50ml – Contains DNA strands that boost skin renewal from within, protecting cellular DNA and preventing future damage. Contains marine collagen, with powerful tightening action, and Phytaluronate, an innovative plant-derived alternative to hyaluronic acid.