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Duo Lipoaminocel Cream & Aminofirm Cream

Anesi Lab

Format: 200ml

Suggested retail price: 144.00$

Catalog number: AC1901-2un use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


Slimming and firming 10-week course.

Step 1 Apply Lipoaminocel Slimming Objective Cream morning and evening during the first 5 weeks, then, for the last 5 weeks continue with Step 2 by applying morning and evening Aminofirm Firming Objective Cream.

*** The thermoactive effect of Lipoaminocel Slimming Objective Cream will activate peripheral circulation. It will be completely normal for the skin to redden and have a feeling of heat on the treated area. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying this cream.

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