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Soleil des îles

Option: Brume FPS30, Graisse à Traire FPS30, Huile Sèche FPS30

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This product is for professional use only.


Each set included

  • 1x Lait Hydratant Après Soleil BIO Soothing and anti-inflammatory formula based on Hordeum Vulgare Stem Water which has the regenerating and fortifying properties of barley but does not contain gluten. Also enriched with shea butter, monoï of tahiti and sunflower oil. A fresh and light texture that turns on during application into a rich, nourishing and protective texture. Apply generously all over the body after each sun exposure. Reapply both during summer and winter to prevent skin dehydration.

as well as a choice of

  • BRUME DE LAIT DE COCO FPS 30 Formula with an exotic coconut scent that provides an intense, satiny and lasting tan while protecting your skin from drying out. Renew the application regularly, especially after each swim.
  • OR HUILE SÈCHE AU MONOÏ FPS 30 New formula based on TYSOLYL, a natural tanning activator, which will allow you to obtain higher pigmentation at equivalent exposure. This dry oil with Monoi of Tahiti is rich in high quality sun filters and accelerators. It provides an intense, satiny and long-lasting tan while being less exposed and protecting your skin from drying out.
  • OR GRAISSE À TRAIRE FPS 30 The historical know-how of the company Soleil des îles for more than 137 years. Farmers, who use milking grease for the care of udders and small wounds of their animals, do not wait too long to benefit from its benefits: the milking fat is indeed miraculous for chapped lips, hands and very dry skin. It was in 1987 that this new combination was born Revolutionary Milking Grease and Monoi de Tahiti. This formula offers incredible power tanning and insulating in addition to forming a barrier difficult to pass through the water.

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Brume FPS30, Graisse à Traire FPS30, Huile Sèche FPS30