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Electric bed white (4 motors)

Catalog number: EF4325-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


  • This electric 4 motors treatment chair controls the height, backrest, leg-rest and seat inclination (foot control panel).
  • The design of the product is simple and elegant, the style of leather is novel, unique and comfortable. Concerning exterior appearance, a plastic shell cover metals parts in order to avoid the chill parts appearing to the client’s vision and make the product more gentle.
  • The pillow of headrest can be removed and there is a breath hole.
  • In order to facilitate different position of work, the bed can be rotated, 90° turn out each side, total 180°.
  • The system uses 2 casters, 2 directional wheels. Individual tolerance of such wheels can reach more than 80kg, the wheels can be locked.
  • The armrests are reversible/removable.


  • Height minimum: 27 inches / 68 cm (70 cm with casters)
  • Height maximum: 35 inches / 88 cm
  • The foot extension can be up to 2,5 inches / 6,5 cm
  • Lenght with headrest: 74 to 76 inches / 187 to 193,5 cm extensible
  • Width: 22,5 inches / 57 cm
  • Width with arms: 32 inches / 82 cm