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Electrolysis Device S.Tone Evolution 7HD

Option: Evolution 7HD, Evolution 7HD + Thermo

SKU: N/A Catalog number: EE2013-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


Senior Electrolysis Device 

The Evolution 7HD sequential is a professional electrolysis device that gives you full control of your treatments. Whether it’s with the manual or pre-programmed mode, this highly efficient device ensures a comfortable treatment. The power of a 6.78mhz frequency with the comfort of a mechanism based on the exclusive concept of vector modulations offers wellbeing and high precision. These modulations, which are the fastest on the market at 2/1000 of a second, optimize energy transfer thanks to greater wavelength accuracy and stability.

The evolution of electrolysis Absolute efficiency + ultimate comfort

The Evolution 7HD sequential in 5 points

  1. Ultra-fast modulation at 2/1000 of a second is combined with the power of a low 6.78 MHz frequency.
  2. The touchscreen ensures a simple, tangible and interactive overview of the treatment.
  3. A manual mode allowing direct access to the different intensity and time parameters, and the mothod you prefer: Thermolysis, Blend or electrolysis.
  4. Free Wi-Fi access to the latest updates means being able to take advantage of an “endless” number of programs!
  5. The “iontophoresis” mode allows users to perform pre and post-epilation treatments.

Thermocoagulation mode available as an option The appearance of vascular and non-vascular cutaneous imperfections can now be improved without discomfort by adding thermocoagulation mode to your device. This thermocoagulation system is designed for beauty professionals can offer your existing clientele a new and remarkable care that allows visible and immediate results. Your clients no longer have to endure the unsightly and unpleasant vascular imperfections. It produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the instant disappearance of blemishes. After treatment tiny temporary scabs may appear to regenerate treated area.

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Evolution 7HD, Evolution 7HD + Thermo


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