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Grapeseed Anti-Oxidant Oil

Cuccio Naturalé

Format: 30ml

Suggested retail price: 23.80$

Catalog number: CUC-CNSC4303 use: Home care, Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


This treatment retains water in the skin and nails and helps maintain ceramide, the element in the skin that holds skin cells together, preventing flaking. In fact, when the skin is very dry, the cells shed because the ceramide is damaged. Grapeseed oil prevents this phenomenon. In addition, it is a hyper-antioxidant product; it prevents premature aging of the skin. Used alone, but is optimized when used with paraffin wraps. It contains grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E, just high-performance ingredients.

Apply to skin and massage gently.

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