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High Frequency Silhouet-Tone + 3 electrodes

Catalog number: VD2001-1+3un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


High frequency is used for its germicidal, stimulating and calming effects; choose the electrode that best suits your needs. Note that the opening of the sleeve of other devices than those of the Silhouet-Tone brand could be slightly larger, a Silhouet-Tone electrode could then be too small.

Includes :

  • High frequency
  • 1 Compact, ergonomic High Frequency handle with “easy grip” feature, improves comfort and reduces wrist stress
  • 1 LARGE VIOLET MUSHROOM ELECTRODE Facial care, normal skin.
  • 1 LARGE PINK MUSHROOM ELECTRODE Special rosacea facial care.
  • 1 INDIRECT MASSAGE ELECTRODE For indirect massage.
  • Convenient integrated electrode holder
  • Precision intensity adjustment
  • Instruction manual


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