Home care kit Luminosity


Until 26 Feb 2021

Suggested retail price: 170.00$ 120.00$

Catalog number: AL1905-1un use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


  • In the event of a re-lockdown or for clients who are unable to visit the beauty salon or to continue the benefits of professional care provided by the beautician.
  • It is now possible to afford specific skin care at home.
  • Home care sets come in an environmentally friendly box made from recycled material (each product inside the box is in its original packaging – with the exception of Luminosity Night Cream).
  • The box is robustly designed in the event that the beautician wants to use it for mailing to his / her client who would be unable to pick it up at the beauty salon.

The brightening & Even skintone Luminosity home care kit includes :

  • 1x Glycolic Peel 30ml
  • 1x Luminosity Night Cream 50ml
  • GIFT 2x Luminosity Mask