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Luminosity home cure in 4 steps


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Catalog number: AL1904-1un use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


To continue the benefits of professional care provided by the beautician, it is now possible to afford specific skin care at home.

The brightening & Even skintone Luminosity home care kit includes :

  1. Luminosity Toner 150ml – Toning lotion stimulating cell renewal. Formulated with extract of Nopal cactus extract, enzymatic exfoliant, and Fucogel, moisturizing and calming. Lightens the complexion and prepares the skin for active penetration and deeply moisturizes.
  2. Luminosity Eraser Concentrate10ml – Topical concentrate formulated from the anti-pigment active ingredient Gatuline® Spot Light and HGH and GM-CSF growth factors, visibly reducing the density, size and tone of skin spots.
  3. Luminosity Night Clarify Cream 30ml – Exclusively for home use, it contains a controlled diffusion system of enzymes and exfoliating and brightening acids that work all night long.
  4. Luminosity Spot Clear day cream SPF20 50ml – Day cream with SPF 20 and anti-pigment ingredients. Prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the future while visibly reducing the size, density and colour of existing ones, in turn blending skin tone.
  5. ***GIFT*** 2x Luminosity Mask


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