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Mask Lemon + Lily


Format: 16oz

Until 27 Jun 2024

Suggested retail price: 35.98$ 31.98$

Catalog number: DAP-SPA56910 use: Home care, Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


This clay-based mask deeply nourishes while drawing out impurities to promote radiant, healthy looking skin. Certified Organic ingredients of Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Cucumber Extract, and Kelp Extract all make this mask the ultimate hydrator, leaving skin moisturized and smooth to touch.

Lemon + Lily with kojic acid

Brightening treatment

Organic lemon: rich in vitamin C and citric acid which is a natural AHA

Organic Lily Extract: Soothing moisturizer that contains a unique combination of compounds that help even skin tone and maximize luminosity

Kojic Acid: inhibits the production of pigments to brighten and even out skin tone

  • Helps reduce dark spots and even out skin tone
  • Helps protect against free radicals and UV damage
  • Inhibits melanin production for a brighter complexion

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