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MED Sensitive


Format: 20ml, 75ml

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This product is for professional use only.


GEHWOL med Sensitive which was developed specifically for the needs of dry, sensitive skin. It regenerates the natural microflora of the skin, relieves itching and burning skin, reduces redness and protects against infections. Ultrapure microsilver (MicroSilver BG™) was included into the cream formulation. This nano-free microsilver forms deposits in skin wrinkles, gradually releasing silver ions. The silver ions interfere with the cell metabolism of bacteria and fungi. They become unable to spread and disturb the balance of the skin’s natural microclimate. Ceramides additionally stabilize the natural skin barrier. Nourishing almond oil keeps the skin soft and supple. GEHWOL med Sensitive is also suitable for supporting therapy of neurodermitis as well as foot and nail fungus.

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20ml, 75ml