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Nail drill Go green Strong B350 – 40000 RPM

Catalog number: OD2006-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


The Strong B350 nail drill is a new model in the world-famous Strong series. With a brand new handpiece and updated control unit, this nail drill is essentially a modernisation of the popular Strong 210.

The control unit is functionally identical to the younger models, the Strong 210 and Strong 90, but the updates have largely affected the exterior. The body of the Strong B350 is nothing but a parallelepiped, with a bevelled front edge – quite an interesting idea of Saeshin engineers. The speed control is located in the most convenient position for the master – at the right angle for the eyes.

On the side “everything is classic”: ON/OFF switch, reverse, connectors for power, micromotor and pedal. There is no HAND/FOOT switch on this model: the intelligent system recognises whether the pedal is connected or not. To operate the pedal, simply plug the plug into the connector on the body. When using it, it is important to know that you are controlling the power to the handpiece, you can only adjust the revolutions with your hand on the unit.

There are 8 process holes on the top of the housing for mounting the nail drill bits during operation.

The external dimensions are similar to the Strong 90, but here the housing is fully plastic with increased wall thickness. Reinforced plastic on the walls gives more strength, which allows you to better protect the unit from accidental mechanical impact.

The electrical circuitry of the Strong B350 is armed with an overload protection system. During a significant and prolonged load (after several pedicure treatments), the unit will automatically cut off power to the handpiece to prevent overheating. After a short pause, the nail drill can be switched on and work can continue.

The Strong H350 handpiece is similar in technical characteristics to the 105l. The maximum revolutions are 40000 rpm and the torque is 3 N*cm. The handpiece is well balanced and weighs only 184 grams – the hand of the master will not get tired even in a whole day.

It makes almost no noise when working. In addition, there are special technical openings for forced blowing of the housing during operation, which contributes to the cooling of the micromotor. Convenient collet clamp of “Twist-Lock” type will reduce the time of nozzle changing (turn left – open collet position, turn right – collet clamping).

A distinctive feature of the H350 handpiece is the notches on the front of the housing, which are necessary for a better grip and to prevent slippage of the master’s fingers.