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Nail Repair Gel


Option: Clear, Opal, Pink

SKU: N/A use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


Gehwol Nail Repair gel is a repair gel for the nail, the application will be done with the gel on a broken, damaged, cracked nail. It will also be ideal for a fungal nail. Indeed, the Nail repair gel contains an anti-fungal. The gel will harden under UV lamp.

  • The gel does not flow and is easy to apply.
  • No stress to go quickly with the application: The gel only hardens under the UV lamp.
  • It contains an antimycotic.
  • It is not necessary to use the 3 shades together: The 3 shades will be used for an aesthetic finish.

How to use Gehwol Nail Repair

  1. Countersink and/or remove with pliers the parts of the nail that no longer hold and clear the furrows with the appropriate milling cutter
  2. Clean and degrease the nail.
  3. Apply the gel(s) to the Gehwol brush: Be careful not to touch the nail with your tube for an obvious hygiene issue.
  4. Apply the product evenly on the nail with the brush: No need to hurry, the gel only hardens under the UV lamp
  5. It is important to work in thin layers.
  6. Put under the UV lamp: 2 minutes per layer.
  7. Then degrease with a cotton pad soaked in Gehwol Nail Repair Cleaner.
  8. If there are irregularities, it is possible to smooth them out with a diamond burr.
  9. File the free edge, and ensure that nothing could interfere with the furrows following reconstruction.

Gehwol Nail Repair Tip

Even if it is only part of the nail that needs to be repaired, it will always be necessary to reconstruct the nail entirely and not partially. There must be an overlap with the existing nail.

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Clear, Opal, Pink