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ONYKOLEINE Purifying Solution for Frafile Nails


Format: 10ml

Suggested retail price: 22.49$

SKU: 3323039623024 Catalog number: AK0501-10ml use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


ONYKOLEINE Purifying Solution for Fragile Nails:  This solution contains two patented ingredients combined with an essential oil complex to strengthen and embellish weak and stained nails. Used on a regular basis, this solution helps to keep nails healthy looking.

  • Indications: Nails with brown stains, hands and feet.
  • Instructions for use:- Everyday, paint a thin coat of Onykoleine on each nail using the brush- Massage until completely absorbed. Always apply on clean dry nail, without nail polish. – Use until the nail is entirely renewed (4 to 8 month on hand nails, 6 to 12 months on toenails). To maintain results: Once a week apply ONYKOLEINE® onto the nail.

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