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Format: 30ml

Suggested retail price: 19.95$

Catalog number: PPS0503-30ml use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


Our Soothing Solution is ideal for relieving athlete’s foot problems. It soothes the itch, it relieves and promotes healing thanks to essential oils that have soothing and healing properties.

Available in 30 mL format, it is based on shea butter, supplemented with organic beeswax to provide optimal penetration.

Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) – Tea tree: anti-infectious ++++, anti-bacterial ++++ broad spectrum, anti-fungal (candida), antiviral, anti-parasite, antiseptic +++, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Lavandula Angustifolia – Lavender True: calming, powerful antispasmodic, muscular relaxant, hypotensive +++, general antiseptic, skin healing +, skin regenerator for external use, anti-inflammatory, analgesic ++, etc.

Thymus Vulgaris Thyme vulgar Thyme: antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicidal, viricidal, deworming, etc

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