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TRIO Professional Rebellion Age

Anesi Lab

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Catalog number: ARA0701-1un use: Professional care

This product is for professional use only.


TRIO Professional Rebellion Age “botox” effect products based on argireline which inhibits neurotransmissions responsible for the contraction of the facial muscles without paralyzing them. Corrects, prevents and reduces the amount and depth of expression lines.

  • Rebellion Age Concentrate 6x5ml – To reduce the appearance of expression lines. Formulated with the maximum dosage of Argireline®, muscle-relaxing peptide that inhibits micro-tensions in the skin to eliminate expression lines. Enriched with 3 anti-aging active ingredients to restore and invigorate the basic functions of young skin, effectively tackling signs of ageing.
  • Rebellion Age Cream 200ml – Cream formulated with Argireline®, muscle-relaxant active ingredient that neutralises micro-tensions to correct expression lines. It also works as a comprehensive anti-ageing treatment thanks to the combination of Dermolectine active ingredients, which stimulates the production of fibroblasts, and Reductine, which stimulates cell renewal and improves the tissue structure.
  • Masque Lissant 200ml – Formulated with a high concentration of the 3 anti-ageing active ingredients from the product line. Stimulates the production of fibroblasts, restores collagen and elastin, and regenerates tissues. After use, wrinkles instantly appear less defined, the face smoother, more even and infinitely repaired.