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Cicaleïne Barrier Film Finger-Heels


Format: 10ml

Suggested retail price: 17.00$

SKU: 3303030000190 Catalog number: AK0502-10ml use: Home care

This product is for professional use only.


CICALEÏNE Insulating Film Fingers-Heels is a care that forms a supple and transparent protective film on the zones of the skin traditionally subject to external aggressions (cold, humidity, etc.) as the finger tips. It helps to preserve the cutaneous integrity and avoids the formation of keratotic zones due to friction or shoes.

  • Indications: Toes and Heels damaged by external aggressions such as cold and humidity.
  • Instructions for use: Gently spread the insulating film with the brush. After allowing to dry for 1 minute, the insulating film will form a transparent and water-resistant protection on the skin. Close well after use. Do not apply to damaged skin, mucous membranes or a wound. Do not leave within the reach of children. Do not inhale.

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